About VimaNova

VimaNova means ‘new step‘. And we want to take this ‘new step‘ together with you. In doing so, we have specialized only in two things: Your well-being and your health!

Together with physicians, engineers, athletes und technicians from all over the world, we have made VimaNova Insoles in last 12 years what it is now – a patented revolution in the shoe world. And for that, we would like to thank all those people who have actively supported us till date in the development of the insoles and of course our customers and athletes for their strong feedback. Using your feedback, we work every day to make the VimaNova insole more comfortable for you and healthier for your feet.

Help us and send your feedback at feedback@vimanova.com!


History of VimaNova

Year Progress
2016 VimaNova gets a new management and a completely new corporate image.
2015 VimaNova focuses on the development of the latest version of ‘Active‘-Insole which has all the advantages of VimaNova insoles.
2013 VimaNova products receive TÜV certification from TÜV Rhineland.
2012 Other versions of the insoles for special applications were developed and published (City, Active).
2011 Health insurance companies show interest in the insoles and offer support.
2010 First batch of insoles was officially sold by few selected orthopedic shoemakers.
2010 Patent was granted to VimaNova.
2009 VimaNova passes the pollutant test conducted by Pirmasens Test and Research Institute (PFI).
2009 The company "VimaNova GmbH" was formed.
2009 The VimaNova Insole is finally ready for the production series.
2008 VimaNova Insoles were further improved with the help of numerous reports received by athletes.
2007 First prototypes of the insoles were finished and were distributed to the athletes and other volunteers.
2006 Many doctors show interest in the insoles and help in the further development.
2006 Filing of the patent application of VimaNova Insoles.
2004 Development of VimaNova Insole begins.