...good for your foot.

Your foot would have several advantages over conventional insoles. It is supported by more than 100 customized lamellae which can be easily adapted to your foot. Excellent material properties and the special design of VimaNova insoles ensures the optimal pressure distribution and relief of your foot surface. With the help of air circulation, VimaNova Insoles offers you a special advantage of comfortablity and hygiene.

Overview of advantages:
• Relieves and holds the foot
• Strengthens the foot muscles
• Absorbs shocks
• Soft contours
• Lightweight and flexible

For your feet

...good for you.

An extremely comfortable fit and a noticeable relief of your foot through optimal pressure distribution in many daily routine activities and in sports is a reflection of the years of development of VimaNova insoles. In addition, your whole posture and especially your back is supported. It can fit almost into every shoe, from sporty sneakers to elegant pumps. By the way, VimaNova Insoles are washable and recyclable in comparison to the other conventional insoles. So you are doing something good for the environment as well.

Overview of advantages:
• Customized production within minutes
• Costs are covered by the health insurance schemes
• Comfortable-fit
• Air–circulation ensures pleasant environment for the foot
• Machine-washable (at 30° Celsius)

For you

...good for your health.

VimaNova Insoles are customized to your foot. In the case of certain foot diseases, like a splay foot, flat foot, hollow foot and even the difference in the length of the legs can be corrected by the exact positioning of the lamellae. A reimbursement from an insurance company is partially possible.

Overview of advantages:
• Fine adjustments
• Effective correction of foot malpositions
• Prevents foot malpositions
• Anatomically formed
• Relieves foot pain

For your health