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We are always looking for new partners so that we can continue to expand our network. If you are also interested in becoming a VimaNova partner, learn more about the revolutionary production of VimaNova Insoles on this page. If you are convinced, please feel free to make an appointment with us. You tell us when and where – and we will be there!

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VimaNova Insoles can be completely customized for every patient’s foot in a very short span of time. Once the footprints have been taken, customization can be done and the production can be started immediately.

More customized.

Over 100 lamellae can be customized just with your fingertips to fit the patient’s foot exactly. A much more accurate result is possible if the correction can take place directly on the patient’s foot – and all can be done in very less time.


The VimaNova Insoles are cheaper than the traditional insoles, not only for your customers but also for you. The insurance may cover a large part of the costs for the end customers and you can save the machinery costs and the shipping costs through brand new techniques.

An easy way of taking foot impressions.

Taking of foot impressions has never been so simple! The customer steps onto the VimaNova Grid and the shape of the insole is formed directly and exactly to the customers foot. Each of the 100 lamellae has been put to customize the insole as per the foot and the VimaNova insoles would be retained exactly in the same shape from the VimaNova grid.


Direct adjustment on foot.

Now with the help of VimaNova Grid, you can either directly work on patient’s foot or separately. 100 lamellae make an accurate correction possible – just with your fingertips. Each individual lamella can be customized as per the needs and you receive a tailor-made foot-pad as if you have used a magic wand.


Production within seconds.

The VimaNova Insole is adjusted accordingly. First of all, the VimaNova Grid with VimaNova Insole inside it, is placed in the VimaNova Cutter and within few seconds, the insole gets cut accurately as per your corrections/specifications. Minor adjustments for the special footwear can be easily done with a scissor, a knife or even with the sanding machine as well.


Sounds simple, or?

... it is! If you are convinced, you can simply leave your name, telephone number, and e-mail address here and we will send you all the additional information. We will call you to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. Kindly notice that it may take a couple of days to contact you because of high demand at present. We would like to offer the best experience to all our partners and customers and would like to answer all their queries.

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